My Process

The process is why I love creating art.

It starts somewhere within the triangle.

Why What How

Any point can be the start of something amazing. All aspects contribute to the life of the art as it defines itself.

In my paintings the process started with what: -sacred symbolism and the geometry of creation

Coupled closely with the why:

-It allows us to connect with the deeper sacred part of ourselves without thought. It reminds us on a deeper level how beautiful we really are as aspects of the love of the divine as the divine.

The fun work of the how fills in the rest:

The goal was to bring aspects of light, symbolism, and color together and have the piece be dynamic based on the light. The entire scope had to be invented because nothing like it existed. The medium of metal was selected to allow the light to play. The paints, pigments and inks we experimented with for hundreds of hours to get all the aspects to sit correctly while allowing the light to penetrate to the motion below. Now how on earth do I get the symbol on the canvas? It all made for a wonderful adventure and there is so much more amazing work to come.

I am deeply romantic with the energy and love that allows us to experience all things.

When we look into the world and are inspired to take any step we wouldn't have taken other wise the spark of the divine has created motion.

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